My names Robbie Jenkins and I’m a photographer.
Its been a long road to get to where I am today. My upbringing has had a lot to do with me becoming a photographer. My mother is and has always been a camera freak, whenever she had the chance she was always taking pictures of my sister and me and whenever I had the chance I would steal the camera and take pictures of anything and everything I found interesting. I have always been a creative individual, in college I tried to find my niche in numerous mediums, but it wasn't until my Junior year that I took my first film based photography class and fell in love. Photography became my outlet, every spare second I had was spent honing my skills and creating new images. Photography is a complex and meaningful medium, there are so many aspects that I love about it, but above all, the fact that a image can have such a strong visual impact on a persons emotions.  This is what has fueled me creatively to take some of my best and most powerful images.  I never want to just make a image that a person looks at and says “Oh that’s cool”, I want to make a image that compels a person to stop and really consider it, the type of image that really gives them a feeling deep down inside.

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